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Rules and Regulations


(Printable Version Here)
  1. All vendors must purchase a $50 gift certificate from CU Woodshop to retain their location for the sale. You can purchase the gift certificate by visiting the store or via phone (217) 355-1244. The gift certificate will be validated when the assigned space is vacated and left clean.
  2. The space provided will be in our parking lot or yard and will consist of a 10’x10’ area.
  3. Vendors may reserve additional spaces by purchasing additional gift certificates, up to a maximum of 3.
  4. Vendors must bring their own change. CU Woodshop will not make change, cash checks, or process credit cards on behalf of vendors or Tool Swap customers.
  5. If vendors wish to have tables, chairs, or canopies, they must provide their own.
  6. All sales or swaps are between consenting parties. CU Woodshop is not liable for tools sold or swapped at this event by vendors.
  7. CU Woodshop will not assist in making deliveries for Tool Swap vendors or customers.
  8. CU Woodshop will assist with loading and unloading of tools, at their discretion, if the tools are on pallets that allow use of a forklift. CUWS will have pallets available two weeks prior to the event.
  9. Large tools that are mounted on pallets and covered with tarps can be dropped off no earlier than 3 days ahead of the event. Storage will be outside unless special arrangements are made for storage in our warehouse prior to the event.
  10. Any items left at the close of the event must be removed or donated to Habitat for Humanity.
  11. No lumber, house wares, clothing, furniture etc. are allowed for sale. Only tools, tool accessories and hardware may be sold.
  12. Setup may begin at 7:00AM on the morning of the sale.
  13. Once unloaded, vendors will be asked to park at the Parkland Business Center parking lot, up the street or at another designated location. Our School parking lot will be reserved for customers attending the event.
  14. The sale will begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm, and all items must be removed by 5:00PM unless other arrangements have been made with CUWS.
  15. All vendors must sign a waiver of liability and agree to these rules and email them to or bring signed copies to the store in person.


Want to reserve a booth at this event?
See our reserve a booth page for details and instructions.

Didn't answer all your questions?
Check out the Used Tool Sale & Swap FAQ's or call (217) 355-1244.

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