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Frequently Asked Questions


About Donating Tools

Q. Will Habitat assign a value to my donation for tax purposes?
A. No. Please consult with a tax representative or follow the guidelines as stated by the I.R.S. You can find these guidelines at:


Q. Will Habitat accept anything I bring for donation?
A. No, they will not accept just anything. It is true that they do accept many types of items for sale in their ReStore location, but it has to be something that they can either resell or recycle. If an item has no recycled value, you will have to remove and dispose of it yourself.


Q. If I donate my gift certificate to Habitat for Humanity, is it tax deductible?
A. Yes, as per the IRS guidelines for taxable donations.


About Selling Tools

Q. How do I reserve a booth to sell or Swap my used tools?
A. Please see our reserve a booth page for details and instructions on reserving your booth!


Q. Where can I find the Rules and Regulations?
A. See our Rules and Regulations page. Or see our Printable Rules and Regulations which includes the Waiver of Liability that all vendors must sign.


Q. If I reserve a space, do I have to be there all day?
A. If you still have things to sell, yes. But if you have sold, donated, or removed everything that you brought, and then you may vacate your space after ensuring that your area is clean.


Q. I have a woodworking bench. Is that considered furniture or a tool?
A. It’s a tool, bring it on in!


Q. If someone wants to use a credit card to purchase something from me, can CU Woodshop help with that?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot. Each vendor is responsible his or her own financial transactions.


Q. The item I have is very heavy; can someone help me unload it?
A. Yes, probably. We will have a forklift and limited staff available for loading and unloading of heavy items that are mounted on pallets. CUWS will have pallets available for your use that can be picked up earlier in the week. But we cannot provide assistance with unloading smaller items that can be handled by one person.


Q. Do tools need to be in good working condition?
A. Not necessarily. Many antique tools are valuable, even if they need repair. We require and expect everyone to be honest in all interactions and transactions with customers by disclosing to customers the status of the item being sold or swapped.


Q. Will there be a tent or shelter for me to get out of the sun?
A. Some vendors will have canopies and may be willing to share. However, each vendor is responsible for providing his or her own shelter, tables, and chairs.


Q. If I sell a large piece of equipment, but the buyer cannot pick it up immediately, is there a way that I can have it stored for later pickup?
A. The possibility exists that an item can be stored at the CUWS warehouse facility. A $35 storage fee will be required, the item must be secured on a pallet and the item must be picked up within 7 days of the “Used Tool Sale & Swap” event. After 7 days, all items that haven’t been picked up will become the property of CUWS, any rights to the items are relinquished by the customer and items will be dealt with at the discretion of CUWS.


Q. Can my gift certificate be used to sign up for a class at the Woodworking School?
A. Absolutely! The gift certificate, once validated, can be used for anything in our store.


Q. If I donate my gift certificate to Habitat for Humanity, is it tax deductible?
A. Yes, as per the IRS guidelines for taxable donations.


Details and instructions on how to Reserve a Booth.
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