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Used Machinery Sales

CU Woodshop Supply, Inc. now accepts used power tools for Used Machinery sales. Pictures of all Used Machinery items will be displayed in our store and on our website and Facebook page. The tools will be stored at our warehouse and will be shown to interested buyers by our regular sales staff. The terms of the Used Machinery are as follows:

  1. Only stationary power tools such as table saws, planers, jointers, drill presses, etc. and accessories included with these tools will be accepted. Portable power tools will not be accepted.
  2. The tools or machines must be in working order with power cords attached.
  3. CU Woodshop reserves the right to reject any tools that it does not feel are sellable or if we already have several of that item.
  4. CU Woodshop does not offer pickup or delivery services but if needed, we will attempt to help find someone that does.
  5. The offered price must be mutually agreeable to the seller and to CU Woodshop Supply and will be reduced 10% per month. Any items not sold after 4 months must be retrieved by the consignor or they become the property of CU Woodshop Supply, or a new agreement at a further reduced price must be arranged.
  6. The items shall remain the property of Consignor until sold.
  7. Although CUWS will use its best efforts to protect the goods from damage, it assumes no responsibility for the condition or safe keeping of the goods.
  8. CUWS agrees to accept as full payment for its services a commission equal to 25% of the gross selling price, exclusive of any sales tax. However, if Consignor chooses to instead receive non-refundable store credit at CU Woodshop Supply, the commission shall be 15% of the gross selling price, exclusive of sales tax.
  9. Consigner must download and complete a Used Machinery Application for their tool to be considered.
  10. After review of the application by CUWS staff, Consigner must sign a Used Machinery Agreement, which also includes a liability waiver.
  11. The initial listing price for the tool to be consigned must be at least $100 for the first month.


Anyone interested in placing their tools or machinery for Used Machinery sales should download and fill out a copy of our Used Machinery Application and request a copy of our Used Machinery Agreement by sending the completed application to with relevant pictures.


CU Woodshop Supply 
1305 N. Mckinley Ave
Champaign, IL 61821
P: (217) 355-1244
F: (217) 355-1288